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How to clean your rug:


( You can do this for a small rug, but I don't recommend this for a big rug. Your rug will get nearly ten times heavier once wet and handling will become exremely difficult)

- Vacuum the top and the bottom of the rug

- Lift the rug up and beat it with a stick to remove more dust

- Wet some paper towel with hot water and test different colors of the rug to see if they are colorfast.

- Flood the rug in cold water

- Pour wool shampoo and scrub it with a long haired brush

- Repeat until no more dirt comes off.

- Flood the rug again in water to remove all soap.

- Roll the rug like a cigar and lift and lean on a surface for all water to drip.

- After most of the water drips down, unroll the rug on a surface to dry. Make sure the rug is not exposed to too much direct sunlight otherwise the colors may fade.